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Pirate’s Bounty Branding

This project, Pirate’s Bounty, is a line of dark chocolate related projects related to various Pirates throughout history. Each product has a little “Fun Fact” on the back about the pirate that is tied to the flavor, and implies that their “Secret buried treasure” is in fact, not gold or jewels, but a Chocolate Recipe. During the design process, a Logo, as well as labels and a box for three of Pirate’s Bounty’s products were designed, A sea salt chocolate bar, cinnamon chocolate syrup, and a chocolate liquor with a hint of green tea.

Pirate’s Bounty Logo

The Logo for Pirate’s bounty was inspired by the classic pirate imagery, such as the Jolly Roger, as well as using the font “Sketchnote Square.” The texture applied to the logo was meant to resemble the logo being an ink stamp.

Product Labels

During the design process, I chose to have each design follow a set theme. The background would appear like planks of wood, possibly invoking imagery of a ship, a treasure chest, or a barrel. On the front of the label and packaging would be the logo, appearing to be holding up a sketched drawing of the chose pirate holding a cocoa bean, this style chose to invoke the imagery of wanted posters that had a sketched illustration of the pirate. Covering the poster, would be the chosen flavor, illustrated in the same style as the background. Each flavor was assigned to each pirate based on the major export of their country of origin, with one exception.

Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar

The first Pirate on our list is Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard. For this most iconic, and archetypical of pirates, he was given the Sea Salt flavoring. Additionally, this was also why he was assigned the most basic product, a Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar.

Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Syrup

Next on our list of dark chocolate related products is Hayreddin Barabarossa from the Ottoman Empire, a pirate so good that his country of origin hired him back as Grand Admiral of their Navy. The container that this product would be contained in would be a growler, a bottle that is associated with that time and place in history.

Green Tea Chocolate Liquor

Last but certainly not least is the Pirate Ching Shih, pirate queen of the South China Sea. For her flavoring, the most famous of China’s exports, especially at the time was chosen: Green tea. Her product differs from the previous two being a dark chocolate liquor with green tea flavorings, held in a more normal glass bottle.