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So, you found your way here! Welcome to the website of Joshua Sayles, a.k.a. Typhoon. Please wipe off your shoes at the door, these carpets are expensive. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to ask me any questions here.  We’ve got a nice selection of art for you to see, so please, enjoy yourself!

Nitro Powered Engines Brand Manual

A Brand Manual for a company that designs Nitrogen Powered Engines

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Fallout: New Vegas Kinetic Type

Kinetic Typography animation of the Intro monologue of Fallout: New Vegas

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Seasonal S.C.P. Posters and Mockups

Digitally painted posters that depict four of the thousands of anomalies of the S.C.P. Foundation.

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Scrambled Eggs: Decoded Magazine Spread

Magazine Illustrations and spread about how to make a scrambled eggs.

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Chill Pill: Cool Vibes Mockups

A record album about chilling out to some cool vibes.

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50 Star Pizza Branding and Case Study

Branding for a patriotic pizza chain pleasantly posted on this page.

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Technical Postcards Designs

A set of postcards with technical drawings of various art supplies.

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Frank Welker Digital Painting

A digital painting of Frank Welker, along with two of his more well known voices mocked up for a TV guide cover

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Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Illustration

A typography focused book cover of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, written by
Douglas Adams

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