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50 Star Pizza Branding and Case Study


One of the most American foods out there must be pizza—you would be hard pressed to find a town that does not have a pizza shop. From Chicago deep dish to New York style pizza, we have managed to make this dish our own. 50 Star Pizza is the ultimate American-themed pizza restaurant, and the brand language is reflective of this throughout the suite of deliverables.  

In Store Items


50 Star Pizza is an American themed restaurant, full of various pieces of Americana, and themed to resemble various states in the country. Icons include the American flag, pictures of famous individuals who were crucial to America’s history, and state specific icons such as The Liberty Bell, and even the shape of Pennsylvania. All products feature larger portions while staying affordable for customers and are made with items that are locally sourced from nearby farms. 50 Star Pizza also promotes programs for Veterans in need.  


Client Expectations

The goals for this campaign included designing several touchpoints that all communicated the essence of the brand. This included the logo, a stationary set, a website prototype, an AR prototype, several advertisements, and mockups for a few in-store items.  

Desktop Website Prototype

Design Process

When designing each deliverable was tackled in its own way. When designing the identity of this brand, I had to design something that was prevalent in nearly every state. Obviously Red, White, and Blue adjacent colors would be a must have, and for the design I took inspiration from the Route shields that line the United States’ international highways. For the in-store deliverables, I took inspiration from the state of Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the U.S.A. incorporating the Liberty bell, facts about the state, and the state’s shape. For the Advertisements, I showed the actual size of the various pizzas on the ads, to show off how large the portions were. For the Interactive prototypes, I was able to create an admittedly basic site, and a prototype for a QR code one could scan to see a basic animation.  

Project Success

In the end, the deliverables successfully brought to life the brand language of 50 Star Pizza across a myriad of print and screen platforms. The designs were exactly what the client was looking for and they loved it. Fortunately, they allowed me to post these designs to this portfolio, allowing me to present a fine piece to all who read this.